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A Technology Multi Fold Ahead of Conventional Industrial Piping System

Air Center Machines


Compressed Air, Inert Gases, Vacuum, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide etc.Customers are requested to consult ith us forany otherIndustrialFluidsLike Water, 011 etc.

Technical Parameters

* Pipe Grade :  6063-T5 (Seamless extruded pipes in accordance with EN755.2, EN573.3)

* Grade of fittings material : A 383 withSSbolts & gripping ring aximum working pressure 15 bar

* Maximum Working Pressure :15 bar

* Temperature Range : -20°C to 80°C

* Vacuum : 0.013 bar (Absolute Pressure)

* Outer surface coating as per "QUALICOAT" standard Chromatised inner surface which reduces frictional losses

* Standard conformation : CE,TUV,1509000:2015,UL-94V.O,ROHS,ASTME1251-17a,151608

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