SX machines (Machines from 2.2KW to 5.5 KW)

Polyfilm Industry Roller

SX machines (Machines from 2.2KW to 5.5 KW)
  • Sigma Profile Air End-New Premium quality air end featuring Sigma Profile Energy Saving Rotors. Flow Streamlined for maximum efficiency helping to achieve lowest specific power consumption.
  • V Belt with Auto Tensioning System -The automatic tensioning device ensures continually high transmission efficiency of the belt drive in KAESER rotary screw air compressors over their entire service
  • Silent Acoustic–Sound level range for 2.2 KW to 5.5 KW machine is 59dB to 64dB. Contact us to know sound level for specific machine. The machine enclosure is fire redundant.
  • Easy Maintenance–Maintenance is very simple and easy.
  • Controller–The SIGMA CONTROL 2 ensures efficient control and system monitoring. The large display and RFID reader provide effective communication and maximum security. Multiple interfaces offer exceptional flexibility, whilst the SD card slot makes updates quick and easy.
  • Motor–These machines are equipped with most advance and energy efficient IE3 motor by Siemens.
  • Low Life Cycle Cost–The products are extremely energy efficient and thus life cycle cost is significantly low.
  • Machines with Attached Refrigerated Air Dryer are available.
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