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Nitrogen Generator

Pneumatech is a global leader in the quality air business with more than 50 years in the nitrogen business. The Pneumatech brand is associated with quality and high level of innovation.

The Pneumatech nitrogen generator is a newly developed product to fit the increased demand for nitrogen supply at our customer’s site. In order to safeguard the environment from the unnecessary transport of gas tubes and obtain a flexible supply of nitrogen, many companies switch to on-site gas generators. The most cost effective, long-term solution to provide nitrogen is installing an on-site gas generator.

Important features & benefits :

  • Easy Access to inlet & outlet piping - Plug & Play philosophy
  • Flexible PSA technology - Set your desired purity (between 95-99,999%)
  • Inhouse designed controller - Enables full communication possibilities
  • Up to 13 bars air inlet pressure - No need of nitrogen booster for N2 up to 12,5 bars
  • Unique tower & valve design - Results in one of the lowest air factors on the market
  • Optimized design - Enables a minimum footprint in your factory
  • Optimized for easy service - Consumable parts are easy to access and replace
  • High quality carbon molecular sieve offers life time service interval and excellent performance in all conditions
  • Zirconia oxygen sensor - High quality product with 5 years service interval

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