Medical Oxygen Gas Solutions

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  • Our differentiators
  • Skid-Mounted, Pre-Commissioned, Ready to Use Units.
  • Fully Automatic Plant - Requires no Operator’s Attention
  • Low Generation Cost - Pay Back Period, Less than a Year.
  • Negligible Maintenance - No Hassel of changing Cylinders.
  • Continuous Purity Check - Purity up to 95% Achievable.
  • Pan India service network.
    Airox Med-Ox systems
  • Our differentiators
  • Produces Constant Purity of 94-95% Oxygen Designed for Medical Use.
  • Gas Purity Much Above Indian / European / American Pharmacopeia Regulations
  • All Airox Med-OX Systems are certified as medical equipment by ISO 13485
  • All Airox Med-OX Systems comes with 26 years of existence and experience
  • All Airox Med-OX Systems are CE and FDA complied
  • Compact Design with Lowest Footprint
  • On-line Oxygen Purity Monitoring
  • On-line Moisture (Dew Point) Monitoring (Offered as Option)
  • Larger Oxygen Vessel for peak back-up
  • Complete Piping used is Sterilized Stainless Steel
  • We use state of the Art Change Over, which comes with 5 years 100 % replacement Guarantee with no question asked.
  • We use 5th Generation Zeolite life which ensures lowest Operating Cost and Maximum Gas Generation and comes with 7 Years of Operating life.
  • Our system has Off-Spec Vent valve. If the purity goes below Set Limit system does not permit impure oxygen to go into the system and automatic change over to back up cylinders happen.
  • 7 (10 as an Option) Inch HMI Display System with full diagnostic and Operating history lied
  • Skid-Mounted, Pre-Commissioned, Ready to Use Units.

    Offering Medical Oxygen Gas Solutions


  • About PSA Technology ( Pressure Swing Adsorption )
  • Most economical solution for oxygen supply
  • PAN India service throughout the year
  • Simple design, skid mounted & requires less space
  • Easy to install, plug & play. Fully automated & minimal monitoring required

  • Our offer
  • We can provide plants of following capacities now + anything specific to customer requirements
  • Airox Medox PSA Oxygen Gas Generator are Skid Mounted and Precommissioned at our works and are fully Automatic and requires virtually no attention of the Operator.
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