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1) All Pistons are manufactured by graded cast iron & aluminium alloys with perfect machining. We can supply as per specifications, drawings or sample of customer’s requirement.

2) Pistons are available ready stocks for Aircooled compressors, watercooled compressors, Lubricated type & Non Lubricated type of units.

3) All pistons are available with original specifications, dimensions, material of constructions with reliability & competitive price with guarantee of performance


Mash Pad Type Demister Pad

1) Cylinders are manufactured by graded cast iron with OEM specifications and dimensions. Cylinders are available in all range for Aircooled and watercooled compressors.

2) Cylinders are perfectly bored & honed on vertical boring machine and honing machine with all correct & permissible tolerances. Top/Bottom surfaces are duly ground & drilled with proper fixtures to ensure proper assembly with related parts.

3) The length & bore of cylinder is properly maintained as per OEM for correct stroke & flow of Air/Gas & performance of unit.

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